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The UDAO token is a digital tradeable asset.

Members of the community can be divided into the following roles: Learners, Instructors, Employers, Validators, Jurors, Voters. A Member can hold more than one role.

With holding UDAO you are a member of the community-owned learning platform udao. You can participate in governance by staking (deposit) UDAO tokens to vote, validate and/or act as a juror. Moreover, you get access to additional features of the udao platform.

The UDAO tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges like e.g., Coinbase, Binance.

3 months after the ICO the UDAO tokens are vested (released) linearly over a period of 30 months.

You need an account with a crypto exchange where you can sell your UDAO tokens for FIAT money

The udao foundation is a non-profit organization and ensures that the community gets the profit. 

The token exists further and will be distributed accordingly. The main nodes of the token flow are the exchanges, the platform, and the users themselves. Tokens can be bought or sold on exchanges. Users can buy services on the platform with the tokens. The transaction fee leads to a flow of tokens to the platform (udao foundation). The foundation in turn places the tokens on the exchange to finance its operation.

The token price is not directly affected if you pay with fiat money.

No, udao stronly stands for the value “independence” and thus paying with fiat money is also possible.

Hosting, supporting, and further developing of the udao platform. It grants the continuity, stability and trust of the udao platform.

No, udao is a decentralized autonomous organization. The only legal entity that will exist is the udao Foundation.


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