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Udao is a community-owned learning platform made for the education community, by bringing experts, learners and employers together directly while eliminating middlemen that take the big cuts.  

Backed by a team of investors and project partners, udao was initiated in 2022 and will serve millions of users on their journey of lifelong learning. 

Instructors and Experts have the opportunity to share their knowledge and monetize their content directly by receiving the lion’s share.  

Employers can search for the right skilled candidates based on proven skills.  

Learners can conduct assessments to test their skillset, skill up and find their personalized skill path to their dream profession.

The UDAO Token 

The UDAO token is used to define membership of the DAO with all its advantages. Further incentives for UDAO token holders are: 

  • Support the first community-owned learning platform 
  • Shape the future of empowering human skills 
  • Be part of the active community in the platform economy
  • Utilize exclusive features e.g., match employees and employers
  • Unleash the potential for your business strategy 


Tokens are tradable assets. The demand and supply define their value. The total supply of UDAO tokens is 200 million. The platform will live forever, owned and operated by a decentralized community of learners, instructors, and employers collaborating for the future of empowering people. We are here to shape the future of empowering people together.

UDAO is for everyone





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