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udao – made for the education community


Instructors receive only a small share of about 30% of the revenue from the courses they create. Additionally, they only have limited ownership of their content.  Platform users, who contribute substantially to the success of the platform, receive neither any kind of reward nor a share of the profit for their contribution, nor do they have any opportunity to influence the platform.  Employers do not have the possibility to verify the qualifications of an applicant through a standardized procedure. In addition, it is difficult to find retraining and continuing education programs and to hire qualified employees. 

With udao

Instructors will get the lion’s share of 95% of the course revenue, and they will have full control of their content.  Community members will be rewarded for their support and participation in the DAO governance, furthermore they can jointly decide in which direction the udao platform should evolve for the good of the community. Using a skill tree created by experts and instructors of the udao platform, users and employers can directly compare or match skills, and individualized learning is made possible.   

“To address the substantial challenges facing the labor market today, governments must pursue a holistic approach, creating active linkages and coordination between education providers, skills, workers and employers”

World Economic Forum

“87% of companies say they have skill gaps, or expect to within a few years"

McKinsey & Company (2021)


Project Management and Issuer​

Founding team with +20 interdisciplinary experts focused on providing an innovative business design with a sustainable token model

Advisory and Community building

Experienced board with positions in
C-Suite, Top Management, and Government relations

Coaching and Education Experts

Interdisciplinary and international team of training and coaching experts with customers in C-Suite & Top Management in over 60 countries since 1995

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